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SEDA students score gold at BJJ Open in Cork

A martial arts club led by SEDA student Jorge Santos returned home with an impressive medal haul after competing in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Premier Championship in Cork last month. Jorge’s team fought like the Spartans, with another student Herbert Oliveira winning gold in the brown belt Absolute division.

Black belt Jorge Santos led a team of 14 “soldiers” to the Premier BJJ championship – an open Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament, which took place in Cork on June 22. Established just a year ago, the Dublin club came fourth in overall results with an impressive medal haul: 4 gold, 1 silver and 5 bronze.
“It’s an amazing achievement for Jorge Santos BJJ, and I’m really proud of all my students who took part in the competition,” said the master. “I would also like to thank all those who came to Cork to support the team. Oss!”
SEDA student Herbert Oliveira was one of the winners, scoring gold in the brown belt Absolute division. “I’ve been practicing jiu jitsu for almost seven years and I can’t live without it,” he told SEDA News.

Herbert, also known as “Kennedy”, hails from the state of Minas Geraes in Brazil. He trained with famous fighter Vinicius Franklin and has competed in many BJJ competitions, coming second in the CBJJO world championship. Oliveira has also won many regional competitions and open tournaments. It was his first time competing in Ireland.
“I would advise everyone to train jiu-jitsu,” the gold medal winner said. “It has so many benefits! It’s something that you can use in a dangerous situation and it stays with you for life. When you train you get rid of stress, it liberates your energy, you come back home satisfied and relaxed. It’s also great for your self confidence and fitness. I don’t know what I would be without BJJ!”
His current coach Jorge Santos was due to meet another black belt Andre Ramos at the tournament in Cork, but the “superfight” was called off, with Jorge scoring a technical win because his opponent failed to make the previously agreed weight of 76 kg. A rematch between the athletes is now expected in September.
After the competition Jorge Santos promoted his student Mike Moloney to brown belt, while Stephen Ward (who won another gold medal for the team) and Rafael Paiva were awarded blue belts.
Jorge Santos, who is one of the few BJJ black belts in Ireland, has thanked his sponsors – SEDA College as well as Real Transfer, Feijoadão, the Irish Strength Institute and Ronin Crossfit for supporting him along the way.

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